fimmtudagur, janúar 05, 2006

Happy new year!

I had a very quiet Christmas with my family, ate a lot of chocolate and read some books. However, I went all out on New Years Eve, enjoying three different parties and a lot of sparkling, the first day of the year was as usual not very good considering the aftermath of the previous night. My plan for the New Year... going out more and run at least a half a marathon but those things might be mutually exclusive. Well we will see.


Blogger Harpa said...

Þóra mín, ertu bara alveg hætt að blogga?!?!?!? :o(

8:24 f.h.  
Anonymous Nafnlaus said...


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Thanks Again

11:04 e.h.  
Anonymous Nafnlaus said...


Thought i'd just spam your blog with my advertising campaign 70s fancy dress

2:11 f.h.  
Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

lart mikid

3:47 e.h.  

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