laugardagur, desember 10, 2005

Miss World is .......Miss Iceland

I dont know why it makes me feel proud but it does.... And now I can tell my foreign friends "See I told you we have the most beautiful women in the world".

In other news, went to the theatre with Iris last night. We went to see WOYZECK, I was blown away... very very dramatic. After the theatre we went for some food and ended up going to Oliver. When I woke up this morning my voice was gone! I had been fighting a cold all week and it finally caught up. So now its a quiet Saturday night with my family, and an early night.


Blogger Herdis said...

Gaman að heyra hvað þú ert að gera af þér þessa dagana:) og svakalega eru tvíburarnir mikil krútt:) hlakka til að sjá þig! kv, Herdís

1:48 e.h.  
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