þriðjudagur, desember 13, 2005

I can speak

Yes my voice finally came back today. It made me happy... One thing that annoyed me today, why o why cant politicians (mainly very left wing ones) understand that people respond to incentives!! I was listening to the radio while driving my car today and this politician went on and on about how we should make those evil and horrible corporations pay more taxes... My point: Raising taxes on companies won’t necessarily bring in more money. Actually while gradually lowering the tax rate in the last few years, the tax income from business has increased substantially. If we were to make them higher the corporations would just move abroad and pay no taxes!!! Not to mention how many people those evil corporations employ.

BTW free advice.. its never a good idea to reply to emails after coming home from a night out.


Blogger Þórhildur Ýr said...

Jæja jæja! Þýðir ekkert að byrja aftur og hætta svo strax! Það hlýtur nú eitthvað að vera að frétta af þér kona ;)

12:59 e.h.  

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