miðvikudagur, desember 07, 2005

Finally an update

Well its been a while since I’ve written anything on this page. Couple of reason, first I got a new job, been quite busy. Working as a research analyst at Kaupthing Bank, very good. Secondly a part from work nothing really much been going on. Although I have travelled a bit. I went to Barcelona in October with some government economic people from London. Had a brilliant time, such a good time I didn’t even have time to shop which says a lot! Two work trips last month, first a trip to my second home London for a conference. Meet my uni friends and got my results... next spring I will graduate from UCL with a masters degree in economics with a distinction :) In London I also meet James Nesbit you know the guy from Cold Feet, yep got his autograph quite cool but he was in the same pub I was. I also went to Stockholm with my department which was good fun. There one the other hand I did go a bit mad in H&M.

In other news my brother’s twins got christened last Sunday, named Egill Helgi and Stefán Bogi. I just love them they are adorable :)


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Það var mikið ;o)

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