miðvikudagur, júní 01, 2005


Well since I am leaving the UK on the 10th I have decided to start blogging in English. I will be leaving behind friends that don´t speak Icelandic for some reason! And my friends that do speak Icelandic also speak English so the conclusion use the English language!!
Yesterday was a fun day, 10 of us from the course decided to visit Oxford and go boat punting which apparently is a very old tradition in Oxford and Cambridge. Involves small boats, a large poll and a lot of pimms. And i must admit I was quite good at it even better then the Oxford grads. in my opinion:), as you can see on the picture bellow:)
If been quite busy since I finished exams on the 13th of may, busy in the sense of relaxing. Bjorn came on the 13th just in time for the big celebration which involved finding the next pub and eating Indian food on Brick lance and tasting some Icelandic brennivin all great fun. Then on the 19th Bjorn and I went to Egypt and what a wonderful place we stayed in Sharm el sheik which i believe means paradise! We went riding on quads through the desert, went snorkeling, sunbathed a lot and relaxed, but the resort was amazing ( massages and pedicures e.g.). I read a book and a half and relaxed properly for the first time in months! We also got engaged :) which was wonderful, and made the trip obviously perfect :)
We came back on Thursday just in time to take part in the celebrations of those finishing exams that day which basically was the majority of the course. We all went to Regents park for a nice picnic, the guys had a present for my and Bjorn to celebrate our engagement;) a huge champagne bottle( love you guys). But the day was really really nice 28 degrees and sunny.
Now its back to Iceland, starting work at the 15th of June, doing my dissertation, starting my training for the marathon in august (10 miles on Sunday, 6 today), getting the apartment back and my lovely lazy cats. Well back to Desperate housewives I mean the seasons final episode!!!


Blogger Þórhildur Ýr said...

Loksins loksins heyrir maður eitthvað frá þér kona!! Til hamingju aftur með trúlofunina :) En á maður ekkert að fá að sjá myndir úr ferðinni??

8:58 e.h.  
Blogger Karen Áslaug said...

Innilega til hamingju með trúlofunina!! Meiriháttar fréttir og æðislegt hvað ferðin var góð :-)

7:27 f.h.  
Anonymous Nafnlaus said...

Til ham med trulofunina. Bjorn (Arnar).

9:01 e.h.  

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