fimmtudagur, júní 16, 2005

Home sweet home.

Well back home in Iceland. Came home last Friday and was warmly welcomed by my two lovely cats. The weather here has been great since I came and I am just now getting used to 24 hours of daylight. On Saturday I went to my friend’s graduation party, than me and my friend Iris went down town for some late night parting as you do in Iceland. It was loads of fun and lot of dancing going on.
Yesterday I came back to work, starting a new interesting project which looks very good. I also booked a flight to London yesterday going over there on the 30th of June and staying to the 3rd of July. On the first of July I will be informed on whether or not I have to resit some exams, or if I passed or if I passed with distinction!! But won’t know my marks until November or something!


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