föstudagur, júní 24, 2005


This week has gone by so quickly. Is it really Friday already? Well the weekend seems promising. A birthday party tonight and two graduations parties tomorrow and I bought a new dress.
Bjorn left for Canada yesterday and is going to compete with other firemen and policemen in golf next week, all very exciting. I always wanted to go to Canada just like the States but not quite, probably nicer.
Well we have skydigital now and o my it is dangerous, good way to waist hours and hours. Anyways not been up to much this week just work and running. I am up to 17 miles now (27.5 km) ran that on Monday. Feeling quite excited about the marathon now and since I was able to finish the run on Monday (in 2:30) I must be able to finish the marathon, maybe not in 3:43 like some people.
Then its London next Thursday, hope the weather will be nice!! I am demanding some much talked about cricket in the park (hear that guys) well it doesn’t really have to be cricket but a nice outing would be good.


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